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Advanced PDF Processing, Export, OCR: Speed & Quality
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This sample shows the advantages of using PDF export profiles during export to PDF format. The sample is installed with the SDK.


The sample processes document images from the specified folder and saves them in PDF format optimized for some parameters: file with maximum quality, file generated with maximum speed, file with minimum size, and file balanced for all these parameters. The sample compares the size of resulting files and the speed of processing in each case. The results of comparisons are shown on diagrams.

To view how it works:

  1. Select the folder with images to process.
  2. Specify recognition languages of the processing documents.
  3. Specify the parameters of export to PDF format:
  4. Text export mode: image on text, text and images, or image only.
  5. Colority: keep source colority or save in gray.
  6. Picture resolution. You can set the desired resolution that can be used only if the original resolution is above the desired, exact resolution that will be used for all pictures, or original resolution.
  7. Whether MRC compression is to be used.
  8. PDF/A compliance: export to PDF, PDF/A-1a, or PDF/A-1b format.
  9. To run the sample, click Start.
  10. To view the output files, click Open file below the corresponding export scenario profile in the File Creation Time Comparison diagram.


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