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This sample shows the advantages of using (MRC) technology during export to PDF (PDF/A) format in the ImageOnly and ImageOnText modes. MRC compression generates highly compressed PDFs by using different image compression algorithms for different areas of a PDF page.


  • You can set the folder containing images to process, recognition languages, and the parameters of export to different formats.
  • Image saving parameters allow you to save the original image or select custom format. For the custom format you can select the colour format, image format (JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, JBIG2), compression format for TIFF files and the quality of the images (for JPEG and TIFF formats).
  • PDF exporting parameters enable to select export standard (PDF, PDF/A-1b, or PDF/A-1a), export mode (ImageOnly or ImageOnText), format of the images, their resolution and JPEG quality.
  • MRC compression parameters allow selecting compression level (optimized for quality or size, balanced mode, or custom). By default the balanced compression level is selected. All other parameters are available only if the custom compression level is selected: downsampling rate, format and quality for background, color mask and text mask. You can save no background (select Discard option) and select monochrome mode for text saving.
  • The images from the specified folder are analyzed, recognized, and then exported to PDF (PDF/A) format and PDF (PDF/A) format with MRC compression.
  • Set the parameters you want to change and run the test.
    As a result in the Last session results window you will see the size of the output files (saved image, PDF file, and PDF file with MRC compression, and the gain of the size as compared with the size of the image file. To view the output files click the corresponding buttons in the Last session results window.
  • All API parameters for low level tuning the PDF export are still available in V10 & V11 of FineReader Engine.
  • Starting from FineReader Engine 10 (Win) the code sample was removed and replaced by a one, that uses tested profiles developed and tested by ABBYY.
  • Please have a look at PDF Export Profiles
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