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This sample demonstrates how ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine can process photos taken with mobile device cameras. The technical challenge is here that the image quality and the lightning conditions are much worse then when a document is scanned

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The sample processes photos taken with mobile device cameras using a FlexiLayout. The sample creates a FlexiCapture processor, which recognizes the images. The result of processing is displayed in a form of a tree with recognized data. The recognized fields are highlighted on the image.

To view how it works:

  1. Select the folder with images to process and the Document Definition, which should be used for processing. You can restore the default settings by clicking Restore defaults.
  2. To recognize an image, click Process image.
  3. After the image is recognized, the recognized data appears in a tree to the right of the image. You can click on an element in the tree to view it on the image.

To navigate between images, use the buttons below the image.

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