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FineReader Engine
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Hello World JNI wrapper

  • ABBYY release a new “Hello World” sample for Java with Release 3 of FineReader Engine 10 Windows (July 2011)
  • The sample uses ABBYY FineReader Engine in Java through JNI (Java Native Interface). JNI allows running native code from Java using special wrapper in C++ (in this sample it is the HelloJNI project). This wrapper should implement necessary methods of FineReader Engine API. HelloJNI implements only the methods, which are used in the sample.

New .JAR implemetation

  • FineReader Engine 10 Release 4 (December 2011) introduces a new .JAR implementation around the FineReader Engine 10 API
  • When you have your version of the SDK installed, please refer to
    ‘…\Inc\Java\com.abbyy.FREngine.jar’) ;-)
  • This sample “unlocks” the full Engine API and makes it
    easily accessible within your Java environment
  • Note: The OCR is not executed in the Java VM but on the underlying Windows Operating system
  • Further Details on “.JAR” can be found in Wikipedia

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