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This sample demonstrates the gain in speed when using a pool of FlexiCapture processors in a multithreaded application.


The sample processes images from the specified folder using the selected Document Definition. The sample creates a pool of processors, which recognize images from this folder in parallel threads. The result is shown on a diagram, which compares the speed of processing in one thread and in several threads.

FlexiCapture Engine 11 Release2, on a Laptop (2012) Quad i7-3720QM, 2,6 GHz, Windows 7, 16 GB RAM, 64 bit; Standard sample files

To view how it works:

  1. Select the folder with images to process and the Document Definition, which should be used for processing. You can restore the default settings by clicking Restore defaults.
    1. Specify the number of concurrent threads to test on. The default number of threads equals the maximum available number of threads. You can reduce it to compare the difference in speed. The test for one thread is performed automatically during processing.
    2. To run the sample, click Go.

The sample uses the same procedure for processing as described in the FlexiCapture Processors Pool sample. Available source code in C#

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