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This sample includes a collection of short code snippets showing typical FlexiCapture Engine usage scenarios and programming tasks. Particularly the sample illustrates using of a preconfigured FlexiCapture project for recognition and verification.


FlexiCapture Engine Code Snippets describes the following usage scenarios, which use FlexiCapture project:

  • Using a configured FlexiCapture project to recognize image files
  • Verifying recognized documents
  • Using batch processing events
  • Using collection events

Run the sample and select a usage scenario from the list. Click Run to run the selected usage scenario and view a step-by-step execution log. Click View Source to view the source code for the selected usage scenario or selected step in the log.

You can write your code or modify an existing one and check how robust ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine is in your scenario by running the sample repeatedly. To run repeatedly, in the Snippet menu select the necessary item. To measure the running time for each snippet, select Measure snippets running time in the Options menu.

You can also test different ways to load Engine object in your scenario. In the Options menu select Load Engine directly and use naked interfaces, Load Engine as in-process server, or Load Engine as out-of-process server in a work process. You can find the detailed description of the ways to load ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine in the Different Ways to Load Engine Object section in the Developer's Help.

The Execution Errors and Hints field below the list of snippets displays the log of errors, if any.

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