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The sample provides the command line interface of ABBYY FineReader Engine. The sample produces the CommandLineInterface utility, which supports most of the ABBYY FineReader Engine API functions through numerous keys.

  • This utility code is intended to be used only in C++ development tools
    and should be compiled before use.


The CommandLineInterface utility supports the following keys:

  • Image processing keys
  • Layout analysis keys
  • Table analysis keys
  • Synthesis keys
  • Barcode keys
  • Recognition keys
  • Export-related keys
    • Export to HTML format
    • Export to PDF (PDF/A) format (PDF encryption keys)
    • Export to RTF and ODT formats
    • Export to DOCX format
    • Export to XLS format
    • Export to XLSX format
    • Export to XML format
    • Export to ALTO format
    • Export to FB2 and EPUB formats
    • Export to PPTX format
    • Export to TXT format
  • Input file keys
  • Output file keys
  • Miscellaneous


You can use the CommandLineInterface utility in the following ways:

CommandLineInterface -ii -fm -if Demo.tif -tet UTF8 -of sample.txt

The Demo.tif file will be recognized in fast mode (-fm). The colors of the prepared image will be inverted during conversion to the internal format (-ii). The results will be exported into text file of the Unicode UTF8 type (-tet UTF8).

CommandLineInterface -if Demo.tif -f HTML -hkl -of sample.html -f RTF -rmp -of sample.rtf

The Demo.tif file will be recognized and the results will be exported to HTML (-f HTML) and RTF formats (-f RTF). The original lines in the recognized text will be retained during export to HTML format (-hkl). The source page layout will not be retained when exporting recognized text to RTF format (-rmp).

CommandLineInterface -lpp DocumentArchiving_Speed -if sample1.jpg -rl English German -if sample2.jpg -f PDF -of sample2.pdf

The sample1.jpg and sample2.jpg files will be recognized and exported to a PDF file (-f PDF) with the settings provided in the predefined profile DocumentArchiving_Speed (-lpp DocumentArchiving_Speed). The sample2.jpg will be recognized with the English and German predefined languages (-rl English German).

Re-distribution of the CLI

  • The source code of the CLI tool is part of the FineReader Engine Development Tools.
  • The source code is available for the developers and it is possible to create a customised version of the command line interface OCR
  • For re-distribution a FineReader Engine Runtime License is required

CLI for Linux

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