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SDKs by Technology Life-cycle

Ongoing Technology Improvements @ ABBYY

ABBYY develops OCR & recognition technologies for almost 20 years - and we will not stop! This hard work results in many new technology cycles.

ABBYY follows its key principles

  • High Quality Recognition
  • Stability
  • Compatibility
  • Innovation

The following sections give an overview of the features and improvements that were made in the different technology cycles:

OCR & Data Capture

    • May 2018: FineReader Engine (Win, Linux, Mac)
    • December 2018: FlexiCapture Engine
    • October 2013: FineReader Engine (Win, Linux, Mac)
    • August 2015: FlexiCapture Engine
    • FineReader Engine Windows - September 2010
    • FineReader Engine Linux - April 2013

FineReader Engine for Linux and FineReader Engine for Mac and might differ in the feature set from the Windows version. Details can be found here: Comparisons

The following toolkits and technologies are out of maintenance and sales

    • October 2008: FineReader Engine Win
    • April 2010: FineReader Engine Linux
    • September 2005: FineReader Engine Windows
    • January 2007: FineReader Engine Linux & OS X
    • July 2004: FineReader Engine Windows
    • August 2002: FineReader Engine Windows
    • May 2001: FineReader Engine Windows

Mobile OCR

When ABBYY started to provide OCR technologies for mobile systems, the dominant OS was Symbian. Over the last years the mobile landscape has changed several times, the latest mobile OCR technologies are maintained for Android and iOS.

Mobile Imaging

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