Mobile Technology V4

History Mobile V4.0

  • Release Date: February 2010

New in Mobile V4 Technology

  • OCR for Asian Languages: Chinese, Japanese and Koreasn
  • Business Card Reading for CJK
  • Auto Orientation detection
  • New Operating System:
    • Moblin - Mobile Linux on X86/ATOM

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 98 and higher (x86),
  • Windows CE (version 4.2 and higher including Windows Mobile) for ARM processors,
  • Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4
    Note: support Symbian 8.x and earlier only in V3.0
  • ucLinux, Linux on ARM
  • Mobile Linux (Moblin/Meego) for Intel Atom processors
  • Android, all versions for ARM processors
  • iOS 3.0 and higher
  • MacOS 10.5.5 and higher (Intel only)

Products based on Mobile V4 Technology

Further Info

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