Mobile Technology V2

History Mobile V2.0

  • Release Date: September 2006
  • ABBYY's first compact code SDK

New in Mobile V2 Technology

  • Multilingual OCR
    The SDK support 61 languages include Latin, Cyrillic and Greek characters, 23 of them has dictionary support.
  • Business Card Recognition (BCR)
    With ABBYY’s field identification and accurate OCR, the business card reading module accurately extracts contact information from business card images and converts to appropriate contact or address book fields such as
    • name,
    • phone/fax numbers,
    • e-mail addresses,
    • company name,
    • job title,
    • address,
    • and web-address.
  • Business card recognition languages include: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows,
  • Windows Mobile, Windows CE,
  • Symbian OS,
  • ucLinux, LINUX,
  • propriety OSes for GSM and CDMA phone platforms (on request)


  • 1 MB of RAM per recognition language, plus memory for the storage of the input picture/image file.
  • 2.5 ROM for each additional recognition language for storage of patterns and dictionary file.
  • Additional RAM may be needed for image pre-processing.
  • Development Environment: C++

Products based on Mobile V2 Technology

Further Info

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