Technology V9

History V9.0

  • Release Date Windows: October 2008
  • Release Date Linux: April 2010

New in V9 technology

  • Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT):
    Documents generated by ADRT have consistent formatting across all pages of a document since they are processed as a unit.
  • Multi-Page processing through new Document specific API:
    The new API objects allow you to set up the parameters of page and document synthesis separately.
  • Multi CPU / Multi Core Recognition Architecture
    Utilises all CPU cores during analysis and recognition of multi page documents. (Windows only)
  • New 2D barcode types:
    • Aztec 2D
    • Data Matrix 2D
    • QR Code 2D
  • New Image pre-processing capabilities:
    • Detection of an image rotation up to 20 degrees,
    • Deskew by horizontal and vertical pairs of
      • black squares
      • lines and
      • lines of text
  • Visual Components (Windows only)
    • Scan Interface
    • Document Viewer
    • Image Viewer
    • Text Editor
    • Text Validator
  • Improved Asian Language OCR
    • Support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean
    • New: Mixed Language Support for Asian and European Languages
  • XML-based Office 2007 File Formats
    • DOCX
    • XLSX
  • MRC (Mixed Raster Content) Compression for PDF
    MRC compression achieves significantly better file compression without visible degradation of document representation. Significant reduced file size, up to 10 times smaller compared to JPEG compression.
  • New Licensing Options / Changes
    • Extended CPU Core Support
      New licensing scheme allows an unlimited number of cores with page limited licences.
    • CPU core based licences
      New offer of licences without a page counter, Pricing is based on the maximum number of CPU cores that can be used instead
    • Maximum Speed Limitation
  • Data capture functionality removed
    which was previously offered as the FormReader batch and FlexiLayout processing add-ons. (Windows only)

Products based on V9 technology

Further Info

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