Technology V8

History V8.0/8.1

  • Release Date 8.0 for Linux, MacOS & BSD: January 2007
    • End of support December 2013 with the available of FineReader Engine 11 for Mac OS

New in V8 technology

  • Voting API support
  • Field level recognition enhancements: fast mode for ICR,better text extraction from underlined fields, text block despeckling, better results on fields with spaces, dictionary with space-containing words
  • PDF/A Support
  • Up to 30 percent accuracy improvement on low resolution documents and faxes
  • Up to 40 percent accuracy improvement on documents captured by using a digital camera
  • Ability to straighten text lines on images taken by digital cameras
  • New input image formats (GIF and DjVu)
  • Balanced Processing Mode for OCR
  • New Document Analysis for Full Text Indexing
  • Improved PDF processing and creation:
    • up to 2 times faster processing,
    • accuracy improvement,
    • enhanced security options,
    • tagged PDF files,
    • control of PDF page sizes
  • Support for New Barcode Type – EAN 13 Supplemental
  • CMC7 Text Type Support
  • Additional Support for external dictionaries
  • Forms and semi-structured documents processing improvements
  • Ability to load Engine's subsystems on demand or preliminarily
  • Ability to get all possible hypotheses for recognized words and characters
  • Ability to trace Engine's calls in a log file
  • “On the fly” core recognition tuning
  • New Language for OCR: Thai
  • New Language for OCR: Hebrew
  • Expanded Asian Language Support for PDF and RTF Export
  • Saving External Data in Engine Profiles

Products based on V8 technology

Further Info

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