Technology V7

History V7.0/7.1

  • Release Date V7.0: July 2004
  • End of Maintenance & Support:* - September 2010

New in V7 technology

  • Recognition quality improved by approximately 25%
  • Opening and processing of PDF files
  • New recognition languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese languages
  • Old European languages have been added: Old English, Old French, Old German, Old Italian, and Old Spanish
  • Recognition of Fraktur/Black Letter fonts
  • Support for JPEG2000 part 1
  • Opening a selected page from a multipage TIFF or PDF file
  • New method for analysis and recognition of barcodes
  • Support for new types of 1D barcodes:
    • CODABAR without checksum,
    • UCC Code 128,
    • Industrial 2of5,
    • IATA 2of5, Matrix 2of5,
    • Code 93, UPC-A,
    • and UPC-E
  • Microsoft Word XML and ASCII XML output
  • Export to MS PowerPoint
  • Improved DA for invoices; detection of page orientation; 1D barcode detection, including detection of barcodes at any angle
  • Improved detection and analysis of tables, particularly of tables without printed grid lines and tables with colour rows and columns
  • Improved adaptive binarization and background filtering
  • New dictionaries added: law and medical dictionaries for the languages English and German
  • Saving recognition results as linearized PDF files: the user will see the first pages of a PDF before the entire file has been downloaded
  • Improved saving of edited texts in PDF format
  • Numerous improvements of export to HTML and RTF formats
  • Network runtime licences available
  • Support for form and semi-structured document processing with support for ABBYY FormReader and FlexiCapture
  • New recognition languages for ICR: Hungarian, Greek, and Croatian
  • Arabic ICR digits
  • Fast Mode for ICR

Products based on V7 technology

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