Technology V6

History V6.0

  • Release Date 6.0 for Windows: August 2002
  • Release Date 6.0 for Linux: September 2003
  • End of sales & support: October 2008 with the launch of Version 9

New in V6 technology

  • Improved algorithm for the recognition of poor print quality documents. The improved algorithm incorporates a new adaptive image binarization method and a new method of background removal, and is particularly effective in the case of images scanned in “grey” mode.
  • New PDF saving mode - “Image only”
  • Save text alignment in Excel format
  • Save nonrectangular pictures in RTF format, recreate bullets and numbering
  • 177 recognition languages

New recognition fonts are supported: OCR-A, OCR-B and MICR (E13B).

  • Fast mode available in all FineReader 6.0 Engine versions except the FineReader 6.0 Engine Standard. This mode provides faster recognition with worse image quality
  • New features in ASCII version: the ability to preprocess image files, to recognize multipage image files, to work with memory images
  • New Licence Manager utility

Products based on V6 technology

  • FineReader 6.0
  • FineReader 6.0 Scripting Edition
  • FineReader Engine 6.0 Windows + Linux

Further Info

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