Technology V 12

History V12

  • SDK Windows: Beta FineReader Engine (win) started in Q3/2017
  • Final FineReader Engine 12 for Windows, Linux and OS X was released 17.05.2018

New in V12 technology

  • Improved classification: advanced classification algorithms leverage modern machine learning and natural language processing technologies and offer improved document classification quality together with more flexible and fine-tuning options, new classification modes and improved classification API
  • Improved Japanese OCR: improved accuracy together with new “Modern Japanese” OCR language. New 'special predefined language' for enhanced recognition of dates, times, addresses and names.
  • New deployment in the Cloud: Cloud-enabled licensing for deploying within the Cloud environment (e.g. services like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure).
  • New OCR languages: Farsi and Burmese (technical preview).
  • Improved layout reconstruction: improved tables reconstruction, detection and recreation of balanced text columns, improved layout retention on TXT export.
  • New export formats: HTML 5, ALTO 3.1 (the latest ALTO XML scheme is supported), the latest PDF 2.0 standard support, export to PDF in accordance with PDF/UA standard support.
  • New PDF/A saving options: PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-3b support.
  • New XML saving options and improvements: faster export to XML, direct export of list elements and export an information about tab-space characters.
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