OCR SDK Scalability

FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine
9.x, 10, 11
Technology & Features, Scenarios/Tasks
Recognition, OCR: Speed & Quality
  • OCR tasks are very CPU intense and can use almost 100% of the available computing power of a machine.

    Note: 100 % System load will not last just for seconds, but for days/weeks or even months when you have enough pages ;-); Used for the screenshot, Quad core with hyper-threading, sample: Multi-Core Processing in FlexiCapture Engine
  • OCR processing speed is very important in real live applications and projects, but ultimately it is not that important how fast the processing/throughput on one CPU core is.
    Why? – Single Core machines do not exist any more - and CPU power has become rather cheap. The price difference between a 4-core or an 8-core server are becoming irrelevant.
  • Scalability 1.0” is about using multiple cores/CPUs on one machine. Here it is important how the OCR or data extraction engine scales up with different processes and threads, see Multi Core CPUs,
  • Scalability 2.0” is about processing in a network, - at the end that makes the real difference.
    Often this is not only a technical problem, but more or less tied to the business model of the technology provider.
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