OCR & Java

FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine

Java plays an important role in business environment, because the developed applications and systems be executed on a large varieties of operating systems. Enterprises and developers have a need to integrate OCR in Java-based applications.
Below a few notes on this:

  • ABBYY OCR technologies run natively on the different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and the different mobile OS. To work with the DLLs/libraries developers have to use tools and the right compiler versions to build proper applications.
  • Java is (somehow) “platform independent” because it comes with a special runtime environment (like a virtual OS) that is/was ported to the different operating systems. So the Java program code is “independent”, but the Java Runtime for the specific OS has to be available.
  • ABBYY OCR does not run in the virtual Java environment – so to use the OCR you have to connect the OS with the specific Java Code – this is normally done via wrappers.
    • If a developer has a Java app running on Linux and Windows then the wrapper/connector has to be OS specific to that to the FineReader Engine on the different OS.
  • ABBYY provides new Java Code samples to integrate OCR in Java in starting from FineReader Engine 10 Windows:

Java & OCR in the Cloud

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