Mobile Data Capture

What is Mobile Data Capture

  • The Mobile Data Capture is a document imaging and processing scenario where mobile devices are used as a information scanner, so that
    • a business process is triggered (enterprise view)
    • employees or end customers can get
      • valuable information
      • an offer - based on an image they shoot with their device camera.
  • Technically Mobile Data Capture is a highly tuned solution that combines a set of sophisticated technologies designed to extract data from a broad variety of documents and sources like
    • checks
    • receipts
    • invoices
    • forms
    • license plates and other sources
  • The information can be “encoded” in
    • printed text (OCR)
    • filled forms (ICR)
    • checkmarks (OMR)
    • barcodes
    • a combination of all these types.

Mobile Data Capture Workflow

How to implement Mobile Data Capture

  • The idea of Mobile Data Capture is simple to understand, but not a ready to buy product.
  • If you plan a Mobile Data Capture project, please fill the the ABBYY Solution request form
    and provide a short description of your idea. An ABBYY employee or partner will contact you and discuss requirements and potential next steps.

Mobile Data Capture Components and Processes

Further Information

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