Forms Processing

FlexiCapture Engine
9.x, 10, 11
Recognition, Verification & User Interaction


  • Fixed forms are very structured and the coordinates where the different information is located is known in advanced.
    • Machine-readable fixed forms have to full-fill certain requirements, e.g. areas where the audience should place the characters
    • Markers that allow to identify a specific form
  • Forms Processing is typically a scenario where only the data on the document is relevant. It has to be recognized very precisely because it is the basis for statistics, feedback analysis or direct input for business processes.
  • Forms often contain
    • Zones filled by hand, so ICR is needed
    • Printed text that requires OCR
    • Barcodes

With ABBYY FlexiCapture there is a product family that allows to

  • Design machine readable forms
    –> ABBYY Form Designer is part of FlexiCapture
  • Import existing forms and define what data and information has to be recognized
    –> FlexiCapture Admins can define new document definitions.
  • Scan and match different form templates
  • Process muliple batches and recognize the data
  • Allows to verify and to export the data

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine is an SDK that allows you to implement the core forms processing capabilities into your application. Document definitions and form templates that were created with FlexiCapture can be loaded and processed with the SDK FlexiCapture Engine.

Forms Processing

  • ABBYY technology supports optical character recognition (OCR) for printed texts and intelligent character recognition (ICR) and both is needed to setup to process machine readable forms.

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