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ABBYY and Microsoft Azure compatibility

  • The following ABBYY SDKs are tested and technically ready to be integrated in applications that should be run on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform 1)
    • FineReader Engine 10/11
    • FlexiCapture Engine 9/10/11
  • … but this does not mean that every application can be deployed right away… ;-)

ABBYY SDKs - Azure Licensing

  • Cloud scalability and “standard” software licenses do (normally) not fit very well.
  • Since Clouds are large scale VM environments, the same “issues” as in company networks apply!
    More details can be found here: OCR SDKs and Virtualization
  • ABBYY offers “Open Cloud licensing models - but there is no “standard” price list.
    The new business models have to be discussed and worked out between ABBYY and you as a cloud service developer.
    • ABBYY can provide time limited developer trial software licenses on request
      Note: Standard Developer Licenses can not be used in Cloud environments.

ABBYY SDKs - Amazon Licensing

  • Technical differences Amazon - Azure
    • Amazons Cloud is more about using self maintained VMs that are uploaded and used
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud “builds” the VMs based on code (except so called VM Roles, but MS does not recommended to use them)
  • ABBYY SDKs should work in the Amazon Cloud, but
    • Licensing still causes the same issues as on Azure ;-)
    • If you plan to use ABBYY OCR SDKs in the Amazon Cloud - please contact ABBYY for licensing options.

OCR Service in the Cloud

  • If you are considering building up own online OCR Service in the cloud where you
    • do not need a deep integration of the OCR engine,
    • but “just” submit images and get back results, e.g text, XML, Office formats or searchable PDFs,
    • you should register for: Cloud OCR SDK
  • If you like ABBYY's Cloud/Online OCR service, please contact ABBYY
    … especially when you plan to processes high volumes or if you want to integrate the OCR service in your own offerings ;-)

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1) FineReader Engine supports Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, VMs and App Services
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