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ABBYY FineReader Engine and Cloud Environments

  • ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 can be easily used in the Cloud and virtual environments. With the version 12 of the FineReader Engine we introduced a new licensing option - Online License - which allows the deployment of the FineReader Engine 12 in the Cloud (MS Azure, Amazon EC2), virtual environments including Docker containers.
  • The previous versions of the FineReader Engine - versions 10 and 11 - are tested and technically ready to be integrated in applications that should be run on public cloud environments. However, a special licensing agreement is required. If you are going to migrate your application to the Cloud environment, please contact your responsible ABBYY Sales Manager to discuss the possible licensing options.

OCR Service in the Cloud

  • If you are considering building up own online OCR Service in the cloud where you
    • do not need a deep integration of the OCR engine,
    • but “just” submit images and get back results, e.g text, XML, Office formats or searchable PDFs,
    • Cloud OCR SDK would be possibly the appropriate choice.

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