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Windows Mobile Intro

  • Windows Mobile is a compact mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and designed for use in smartphones and mobile devices.
  • The version was called 'Windows Mobile 6.5'. It is based on the Windows CE 5.2 kernel, and features a suite of basic applications developed using the Microsoft Windows API
  • Microsoft announced a completely new phone platform, Windows Phone 7 Series, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 15, 2010.
  • Phones running Windows Mobile 6.x will not be upgradeable to version 7.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Screen


Mobile OCR Engine and Windows Phone 7.x

  • The current distributive of Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 is not supporting Windows Phone 7.x
  • ABBYY was planning to add Windows Phone 7 support, but because of the fact that Microsoft is currently not supporting native C++ code on the new operating system, it is not possible for ABBYY to provide the SDK.
  • Windows Phone 7 can not be supported in the nearest future, because only Silverlight and XNA with C# code is possible.

Mobile OCR Engine and Windows Phone 8.0

  • The current distributive of Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 is not supporting Windows Phone 8.0
  • Microsoft changed the architecture and also the way how applications should be developed
  • Currently the Windows Phone 8 support is not on the roadmap for ABBYY's on device OCR Engine.
    • With ABBYY's Cloud OCR SDK there is an online alternative to process images and business cards - cross platform form all mobile platforms API & Code Samples
    • Never the less, please contact ABBYY Europe when you would like to be able to run OCR directly on a Windows Phone 8.x device.
      ABBYY is collecting developer feedback and things can change =)

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ABBYY Products

The OCR provided by ABBYY runs directly on the phone. Find out more:

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