Windows XP & ABBYY SDKs - End of Support

Microsoft is announcing end of support for their operating system Microsoft® Windows® XP on April 8th, 2014.
The operating system was officially launched October 25, 2001 (more on the history of Windows_XP).
After over 12 years it now time to say goodbye to an old friend :-(.

This is why the following versions of ABBYY SDKs are the last compatible and tested on Windows XP Service Pack 3:

Please note that ABBYY will not make any further compatibility tests and no fixed for Windows XP in maintenance and new releases for ABBYY Windows SDKs.

If developers are going to deploy custom application with an unsupported SDK by ABBYY on a Windows operating systems not supported by Microsoft, this is completely done on own risk and ABBYY will not provide any support or a guarantee that it will work properly.

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