SDKs for OS X

General Intro

  • Mac OS X is the trademarked name for a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc.
  • Mac OS X is a Unix-based operating system based upon the Mach kernel.
  • Mac OS X has its roots in Nextstep → so it has the same roots as BSD.
  • Mac OSX was released in 1999. At that time Apple used PowerPC processors - from 2005 Apple announced that it will start to use INTEL™ CPUs in their computers.
  • Since that time Apple pushes developers to deliver their applications as “universal binaries” - so that they run on both processors.
  • With Mac OS 10.6 (August 28, 2009) Apple dropped the Power PC support for the operating system.



ABBYY offers a big and a small OCR SDK for Mac OS, additionally the Mobile OCR Engine is available for the iPhone OS.

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