SDKs for OS X

General Intro

  • Mac OS X is the trademarked name for a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc.
  • Mac OS X is a Unix-based operating system based upon the Mach kernel.
  • Mac OS X has its roots in Nextstep → so it has the same roots as BSD.
  • Mac OSX was released in 1999. At that time Apple used PowerPC processors - from 2005 Apple announced that it will start to use INTEL™ CPUs in their computers.
  • Since that time Apple pushes developers to deliver their applications as “universal binaries” - so that they run on both processors.
  • With Mac OS 10.6 (August 28, 2009) Apple dropped the Power PC support for the operating system.



ABBYY offers an OCR SDK for Mac OS, additionally the Mobile Capture and Mobile Webcapture SDKs are available for the iPhone OS.

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