Microsoft Azure

General Intro

  • The Microsoft Azure Platform is a cloud platform
  • Azure and the available technologies enable developers to build, host and scale applications.
  • Microsoft provides development and infrastructure tools for software houses.
  • “Windows Azure” became commercially available on 1 Feb 2010. The name was clanged later.
  • Azure engagement requires no up-front expenses, no long term commitment, and enable you to pay only for the resources you use.

Azure Architecture Overview

Windows Azure has three core components:


As the names suggest, Compute provides a computation environment with

  • Web Role
  • and Worker Role


Storage focuses on providing scalable storage (Blobs, Tables, Queue, Drives) for large-scale needs.


  • Windows Azure Fabric makes up the physical underpinnings of the Windows Azure platform as the network of interconnected nodes consisting of servers, high-speed connections, and switches.
  • Compute and Storage components are part of the Fabric.
  • Fabric resources and applications and services running on those resources are managed by the Windows Azure Fabric Controller service.


ABBYY SDKs on Azure

ABBYY offers all the different OCR SDKs for the Windows operating system.

  • Starting with FineReader Engine 10 Release 3 (07/2011) the SDK
    • can be installed on Microsoft Azure
    • the licensing subsystem is also able to detect Azure
  • Starting with FlexiCapture Engine 9.0 Release 3 (11/2011) Azure is also supported
  • Licensing for the Cloud
    • Per default Azure support is not part of the default feature set of the development and runtime licences
    • If you plan to test/port your application to Azure, please contact ABBYY Europe to receive a test license key.
    • ABBYY knows that the default licensing scheme that works on single machines or LANs can not be applied 1:1 to Cloud installations
    • Please share your future business model plans with ABBYY – we will see how we can work together in this new area.
    • Read more:

ABBYY OCR Service powered by Azure

  • Since February 2012 ABBYY started with a new Service on Microsoft Azure: ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK
  • ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK is a OCR service with API, so that developers can easily integrate OCR and document conversion in their applications and services.
  • Status: Released July 2012 -

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