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  • The ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine visual components allow developers to provide custom user interfaces for data verification within their own Data Capture systems/applications.
  • The visual components provide a graphical interface to the main data verification steps:
    • checking and correcting the results of document assembly
    • Document Definition matching,
    • and data recognition.
  • The controls are provided with source code (C#), so that developers can change both appearance and implementation of the controls in order to fit to the required task and the application design.
  • Technical Notes
    • The Visual Components can be used as is if the current implementation fits your needs, but they might need more development efforts to adjust them to your application or GUI language.
    • ABBYY's tech support will not guide your development process, but it is possible to get paid coding support via Professional Service

Available Visual Components

  • BatchView
    Used for displaying the images in a batch, grouped by document. Allows basic operations on documents and pages.
  • VerificationView
    Used for context and group verification.

  • DocumentView
    Used for displaying and editing document fields and blocks.


After installation of FlexiCapture Engine 9.0 R2 you will find a new, pre-compiled sample in the Code Samples Library

The sample shows/demos:

  • How to work with a FlexiCapture project
  • How to view the project and load new images to it
  • How to recognize data
  • How to verify recognition results and export the recognized data.

Further Infos:

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