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OCR & PDF Features

Here you will find more details about the ABBYY technologies and processing steps that are applied to get high-quality OCR results.

OCR Features Areas

The sections below list of features of the categories:

  • Imaging – Image preparation to get the best input for the recognition process
  • Recognition – Options for layout analysis, print types
  • Export – The output matters! more about the supported OCR Export Formats & Options

Shared Features

The sections below list of features that are shared between different product lines:

New to OCR?

Optical Character Recognition is a set of various processing steps that are executed when text should be recognized from an image, photo or PDF document.

What OCR can do for you

Watch the short video below If you want to learn about the value of ABBYY OCR technology. It gives an overview how the desktop application ABBYY FineReader works.

  • If you are a developer or have a professional interest then this portal in right for you. You will get an excellent overview of
    • what you can do with modern OCR technology
    • how you can integrate it into your applications and systems
    • how to get a full featured SDK Trial
  • If you are not a developer and would like to test OCR right away - then we recommend
    • that you visit the main ABBYY website and
    • get a free trial of the ABBYY's famous ABBYY FineReader desktop application: EnglishFineReader in Deutsch
  • If you are looking for a scalable enterprise solution that allows you to automatically convert large amounts of documents with OCR,
    • you should have a look at ABBYY Recognition Server: EnglishGerman

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