OCR: Speed & Quality

OCR Quality/Speed - in a Nutshell

  • Processing speed and recognition quality are contradictory goals, and they are directly related to image quality.
    • The better the images are, the faster they can be processed - this is why Imaging is so important.
    • The worse the input documents are, the more CPU time and character classifiers have to be used to get good quality.
    • Also the complexity of a layout will influence the overall processing time.
    • CPU speed and hardware of course also matter ;-)
  • Never the less, over the last years the topic is much less critical
    • Different Processing Profiles make it easy to what should be extracted
    • ABBYY SDKs, solutions and products make technically easy to use the full capacity of multiple core processors (= vertical scalability)
    • ABBYY offers standalone and network licenses, so it is also easy to distribute peak load on multiple machines if this is needed = horizontal scalability)

Image quality influences OCR speed and accuracy

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