OCR & Document Conversion Processing Profiles

FineReader Engine
10, 11
Technology & Features
Recognition, Export, OCR: Speed & Quality

ABBYY introduced new Processing Profiles with FineReader Engine 10 to speed up the development process, especially for developers who want to speed up development and/or do not have the time, need or experience to tune all OCR processing parameters.

Flexibility & Complexity

  • The SDK FineReader Engine has more than 3.000 API calls, objects and parameters
  • The Help file contains over 700 pages :-) & :-(
  • There are about 100 essential parameters responsible for
    opening, pre-processing, analysis, recognition and exporting of a document

Predefined Processing Profiles

15 predefined processing profiles for the most general scenarios were introduced:

  • Document/book conversion for archiving (2 modes)
  • Document conversion for content reuse (2 modes)
  • Ground text extraction for fields detection and document classification (2 modes)
  • Fields level recognition
  • Barcode recognition (2 modes) (New speed mode introduced in FineReader Engine 11 R4, Nov 2014)
  • High Compressed Image Only Pdf — for creating high-compressed PDF files which contain entire documents saved as pictures.
  • Business Cards Processing — for recognizing business cards
  • Engineering Drawings Processing — for recognizing technical drawings, with text arranged in different directions
  • Backward compatibility

Simple to Use

static void Main()
          // Loading ABBYY FineReader Engine (GetEngineObject)
          // Possible profile names are:
          //   "DocumentConversion_Accuracy", "DocumentConversion_Speed",
          //   "DocumentArchiving_Accuracy", "DocumentArchiving_Speed",
          //   "BookArchiving_Accuracy", "BookArchiving_Speed",
          //   "TextExtraction_Accuracy", "TextExtraction_Speed",
          //   "FieldLevelRecognition",
          //   "BarcodeRecognition_Accuracy", "BarcodeRecognition_Speed",
          //   "HighCompressedImageOnlyPdf",
          //   "BusinessCardsProcessing",
          //   "EngineeringDrawingsProcessing",
          //   "Version9Compatibility"
          // Loading and preprocessing of images
          // Document recognition (IFRDocument::Process)
          // Document export (IFRDocument::Export)
          // Unloading ABBYY FineReader Engine (DeinitializeEngine)


Profile Tuning by ABBYY

  • ABBYY is continuously improving the core technologies, this can only be archived by testing.
  • When technology changes, then also the processing profiles might need some adjustments
  • The ABBYY SDK Development team does both 8-)
  • The ABBYY (automated) testing framework includes
    • Measurement tools
    • Ground truth preparation tools
    • Testing image batches and marking out
    • Option to test different ABBYY OCR engines

Further Info

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