Gothic/Fraktur OCR

FineReader Engine
9.x, 10, 11
Technology & Features
Recognition, Languages & OCR
  • ABBYY started to develop old font OCR technologies back in 2003 because nothing existed on the market for:
    • Sophisticated “old font” OCR technologies
    • Historical (computer) dictionaries suitable for OCR
    • Language models for analysing and verifying printed historic texts
  • From 2003 on the core recognition technologies were continuously improved.
  • To archive these reduced error rate, optimisations were made in different areas of the technology
    • Image-Preprocessing
    • Document Analysis
    • Character Recognition
    • Language and Dictionary Support

* the numbers are based in internal ABBYY tests on a defined set of documents

ABBYY old Font OCR makes a difference

*Processed with ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0 R1: Gothic/Fraktur enabled/disabled

ABBYY’s role in IMPACT

ABBYY is one of the over 26 European Partners within IMPACT. The Partners have different focus areas:

  • Major European Libraries that “own” the historic materials
  • Scientific Institutions who work in different areas:
    • Linguistics / Computer Linguistic
    • Image Processing
    • Document Analysis
    • Technical implementation and integration of the technologies
  • 2 Industry Partners: ABBYY & IBM Israel


  • Provides the relevant OCR technology for the IMPACT members
  • Develops further improvements of image preprocessing, layout (or page) and analysis of documents
  • Adds OCR-XML output for the recreation of logical document structure
  • Adapts the core OCR components for a full variety of different historical printing materials in European languages

Improvements ABBYY already productised

  • OCR improvements for old European fonts
  • New binarisation is optimized for old doccuments
  • Optimization for old newspapers’ recognition
  • … all these optimisations are already productised and available in FineReader Engine 10 for Windows (and lager
  • OCR adjustment on special samples collected by leading European libraries

Press Release

ABBYY: Recent Developments in Historic OCR

  • ABBYY is the main OCR technology provider for the EU wide IMPACT project to improve access to historical documents
  • The recorded presentation explains improvements delivered from ABBYY for IMPACT

IMPACT Workshop : ABBYY and IMPACT: OCR Introduction and Improvements by Michael Fuchs
from LITIS Laboratory on Vimeo.

Further Information

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