Export to Office Formats

FineReader Engine, Cloud OCR SDK
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Technology & Features
  • ABBYY OCR technologies can export much more that 'pure text'.
  • All information that is available after the document analysis can be used to re-create different office-output-formats.
  • Developers using the DOC(X) export can set different document options and modes
    • Background Colour
    • Page sizes and orientation can be defined
    • Picture options are available
    • Different text formatting options, like colour
    • Running Title Mode
    • Document properties like: Author, Subject, Keywords
    • Page Synthesis Modes allow to select modes how the export will be performed:
      • Plain Text:
        The text in output file is formatted in a single column. Frames are not used. Paragraphs are retained, while types and sizes of fonts are not retained.
      • Format Paragraphs:
        Paragraphs and fonts types and sizes are retained. The text formatting inside paragraphs is not retained.
      • Columns:
        Full formatting is retained using columns and frames.
      • Exact Copy:
        Produces a document that maintains the formatting of the original. This option is recommended for documents with complex layouts, such as promotion booklets. \\Note, however, that this option limits the ability to change the text and formatting of the output document.
      • Editable Copy:
        Produces a document that preserves the original format and text flow but allows easy editing.

Supported Formats:

  • PPTX

Example of a Recognition Server Dialog - but all the options are available in the SDK-API ;-)

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