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  • The following overview lists the common image formats supported by ABBYY SDKs.
  • Note: the list might change form version to version, please see the latest documentation to get the up to date list.
  • Intelligent PDF Opening is also an option in FineReader Engine and FlexiCapture Engine.

FineReader Engine / FlexiCapture Engine

  • BMP
    • 2-bit - uncompressed black and white
    • 4- and 8-bit - uncompressed Palette
    • 16-bit - uncompressed Mask
    • 24-bit - uncompressed Palette and TrueColor
    • 32-bit - uncompressed Mask
  • PCX, DCX
    • 2-bit - black and white
    • 4- and 8-bit - gray
    • TrueColor
  • JPEG
    • gray
    • color
  • JPEG 2000
    • gray - 8-bit, JP2 or JPC file format
    • color - RGB colorspace, 8 bit per channel, JP2 or JPC file format
  • TIFF
    • black and white - uncompressed, CCITT3, CCITT3FAX, CCITT4, Packbits, ZIP, LZW
    • gray - uncompressed, Packbits, JPEG, ZIP, LZW
    • TrueColor - uncompressed, JPEG, ZIP, LZW
    • Palette - uncompressed, Packbits, ZIP
    • multi image TIFF
  • GIF
    • black and white - LZW-compressed
    • gray - LZW-compressed
    • TrueColor - LZW-compressed
  • PNG
    • black and white, gray, color
  • DjVu
    • black and white, gray, color

Note: The ABBYY SDK will not open images larger than 32.512*32.512 pixels.
If images with a higher resolution have to be processed then the original has to be “cut” in sections. In reality this “restriction” only applies to large construction plans scanned in bitmap with more than 600 dpi.

See also:

Mobile OCR Engine

  • The ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine functions work with a special internal format.
  • You must load the image into the memory and convert it to FINE_IMAGE format before calling the functions.
  • The Mobile OCR Engine distribution kit includes a sample with the procedure of loading BMP image files (see Description of the Sample for details).
  • If you want to load other image files, you must create your procedure of loading and converting.

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