ICR - Intelligent Character Recognition


  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is an extended technology of OCR (optical character recognition).
  • OCR is designed to work on printed characters while ICR is focusing on hand printed characters
  • ICR is about hand written characters that are separated and written as single characters
    • the areas/zones where the characters are written have to be known = the fields of a machine readable form
  • Important: ICR is not about “cursive handwriting”
  • To enhance the ICR recognition accuracy it is common in all technologies to use meta data, for example:
    • regular expression
    • name/city and other dictionaries
    • database look ups


The following ABBYY SDKs and products support ICR

  • FineReader Engine – ICR is a license add on and not part of the default feature set
    • Since the version 12, Release 3, ICR is as well included in the Linux version. Since the Release 4 of the version 12, it is as well included in the Mac version of FineReader Engine
  • FlexiCapture Engine – this SDK is designed for forms processing and data extraction, ICR and template matching for fixed forms are part of the default feature set.
    • ABBYY also offers this technology as a product in form of FlexiCapture Standalone and FlexiCapture Distributed, furhter details you can find on the product pages abbyy.com or abbyy.de
  • Cloud OCR SDK – does also allow to read zones that contain handprinted, separated characters. The online OCR service does not contain any automatic template matching technologies, so the zones have to be defined when uploading the tasks.
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