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ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 allows developers and software engineers to include OCR functionalities for Arabic and Farsi languages into their applications.

Arabic OCR has been in introduced in Version 10 as a preview. With the introduction of Version 11 the OCR for Arabic was further enhanced and introduced as an official feature.

The new feature OCR for Farsi was introduced during the life cycle of ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows in Release 4. At the moment there is no dictionary support for Farsi OCR and the feature is only a technical functionality preview.

ABBYY's software engineers continue to optimize the code of algorithms for Farsi recognition. Software developers planning a project that requires the optical character recognition (OCR) of the Farsi language please contact your ABBYY Account Manager or send us an e-mail.

Licensing OCR for Arabic and Farsi

OCR for Arabic and Farsi are licensed as an Add-on module. This module can be licensed additionally to the main SDK.

ABBYY Arabic OCR in use

One example of using ABBYY OCR technology for Arabic recognition is the software product ABBYY Recognition Server. If you would like to see a life demo please click here >>

Market for Arabic and Farsi OCR

According to Wikipedia almost 300 millions people worldwide speak Arabic as their native languages and more than 70 millions are native speakers of Farsi. If you are interested to include Optical Character Recognition for Farsi and Arabic into your application please http://www.abbyy.com/contacts/contact us or download a trial version.

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