Faster Export of XXL multi-page PDFs

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API for Incremental Export

The conversion of large multi-page documents with several hundred pages to searchable PDF is a resource and time intensive task. It might become even more challenging if a PC/Server has limited resources.

FineReader Engine 11 release 6 has introduced a new improved export API, which is designed to be used for large multi-page document conversion into searchable PDFs. The new ExportFileWriter object provides methods that allow incremental export to searchable PDF.

Benefits of the New Export Mode

  • The incremental export of large multi-page document (>= 500 pages) is almost 4 times faster as the standard simultaneous export with the FRDocument object.

The processor of the testing machine is Intel® Core™ i5-3450 (3.10 GHz, 4 physical cores), 8 GB of RAM, the number of simultaneously run processes is 4. During the export the documents were saved in portions of 30 pages at a time.

  • Incremental export requires less RAM resources.
  • Convenient error handling without losing all the exported data.
    In case of simultaneous export a single error may cause failure of the whole export stage. When processing a large number of pages, the restarting of export can take plenty of time. Now using the new functionality the errors can be caught and handled inside small portions. Thus, export will be finished faster even if some errors occur during the processing.
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