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Arabic is being perceived as a very challenging language for OCR technologies, ABBYY further improved its recognition in the Version 11 technology cycle. The article below give a short overview about the history and the improvements made:

History of ABBYY Arabic OCR

  • ABBYY is developing all core OCR technologies in-house, because only then it can be guaranteed that it perfectly fits into the existing recognition technology stack.
  • The core development of of Arabic started already several years back (2008) and it started with adjusted layout analysis, new algorithms for character separation and a new set of character classifier
  • Once the basic technology is adjusted to work on Arabic documents, the long and permanently ongoing optimization process starts. At the beginning it it is focused only on increasing the core character recognition quality. Processing speed is only a secondary parameter in the early stage, because if the output of the OCR process is not good, it is no benefit that you can produce garbage very fast ;-)
  • In 2010 ABBYY released a technology preview in FineReader Engine 10. Some customers already integrating and using this early technology in their application and systems. 2012 Arabic technology was rolled out in FineReader 11 (Desktop) and in a special version of ABBYY Recognition Server 3.5.
  • In 2013 ABBYY officially release Arabic OCR support in the Version 11 of the SDKs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

ABBYY Arabic OCR in use

One example of using ABBYY OCR technology for Arabic Recognition is the software product ABBYY Recognition Server. If you would like to see a life demo please click here >>

Improvements V11

In FineReader Engine 11 the number of incorrectly recognized words for Arabic OCR is 2 times less in comparison to FineReader Engine 10!

At the same time with great accuracy improvements, recognition speed for Arabic texts in FREngine 11 became approximately 3 times faster in comparison to FineReader Engine 10.

Resume: ABBYY is maintaining its market leader position as OCR technology provider with the highest number of recognition languages. All all developers it is “a piece of cake” to extend their applications with optical text recognition for Arabic.

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