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The ABBYY technology licensing is based on the scheme:

For more information on particular licence type please refer to the articles:

What is a 'Customer Project ID'?

The 'Customer Project ID' is a unique string (e.g. F3O1OV0CkT1PTXIa3dyp) shared by all licences - Trial, Developer and Runtime - for one customer project.

What is the 'Customer Project ID' used for?

For the correct operation of the SDK, the 'Customer Project ID' has to be passed to the functions, which load the Engine, as one of the input parameters, e.g.:

Engine loading function in FineReader Engine 12:

C++ Syntax
HRESULT __stdcall InitializeEngine( BSTR CustomerProjectID, BSTR LicensePath, BSTR LicensePassword, BSTR FREngineDataFolder, BSTR FREngineTempFolder, VARIANT_BOOL IsSharedCPUCoresMode, IEngine** Engine );

Engine loading function in FlexiCapture Engine 12:

C++ Syntax
HRESULT __stdcall InitializeEngine( BSTR CustomerProjectId, IEngine** Engine );

When installing the developer tool kit for trial or development purposes the 'Customer Project ID' should be added into the installation wizard. The installation routine will adjust the code and demo samples to use the required 'Customer Project ID' so that these can be run directly after the SDK installation and the activation of the corresponding licence without additional adjustments.

More details can be found in the user guide of the particular SDK:

  • Licensing,
  • Distribution of applications using the ABBYY FineReader Engine library,
  • GetEngineObject,
  • InitializeEngine Function
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