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Backup Network Licence Manager

Network licences are intended to be used in a network scenario: these are located on the licence server and passed on to workstations - on which the processing has been performed - through the network.

Why Backup Licence Manager

While working in a network, the failure of the license server stops the processing on all workstations. Such situation is critical for a productive environment. To avoid this situation a fault-tolerant system is required. ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 starting from release 4 provides now a possibility to set-up a fail-proof Backup Network Licence Manager.

How it works

The two-server configuration - Main Network Licence Manager and Backup Network Licence Manager - allows one of the servers to act as a backup to another in case the main license server goes offline.

While using the licence, the workstations will interact with the main licence server, sending the licence parameters and usage statistics to it. The main licence server will regularly synchronize this data with the backup licence server.

In case the Main Network Licence Server fails or stops responding, the Backup Network Licence Server takes over the licence management and continues to store information coming from the workstations. When the main server starts working, the licence data is synchronized with the backup server, and the main server starts managing the licenses again.

If the backup licence server fails while the main server is working, the system will continue to work as if there is only one licence server. When the backup server is restored, it will be synchronized with the main server and start function as a backup again.

How to set-up

In order the licence servers can be used for redundancy purpose Network Runtime Licence with the special redundancy parameter has to be activated on both licence servers.

For the correct communication between workstations and licence servers LicensingSettings.xml files have to be set-up accordingly. For more details on LicensingSettings.xml files configuration please refer to the help file of FineReader Engine.

If you would like to use FineReader Engine with Backup Network Licence Server please contact us.

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