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The table below lists and compares the improved and new features of FineReader Engine 11 on the different operating systems.

  • The Windows Engine shows all new features of technology V11.
  • The Linux Engine was updated to Version 10 in March 2003, without a public announcement. So even if a feature is marked as “+” it might be new for users of Version 9.0.
  • The Mac Engine has the most new features because the last public SDK was based on technology 8.0 (2007). So now also all underlying technology improvements from Technology V9 and Technology V 10 in now as well.

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Windows Linux OS X
New Usage Scenarios
Automatic Document Classification new new new
Business Card Recognition new new new
OCR/ICR Improvements
Improved Arabic OCR new new new
Improved CJK OCR new new new
New languages for OCR and ICR 2 new OCR
5 new ICR
2 new OCR 27 new OCR
New Text type for recognition: Receipt new new new
New mode for low resolution scans + new new
MaxiCode barcode support new new new
USPS 4CB barcode type new new new
New Image Preprocessing Tools
Camera OCR improved improved new
Cropping &
splitting of dual-pages
+ + new
Auto-cropping &
auto splitting of dual-pages
new new new
New, enhanced binarisation + + new
Improves ISO Noise Removal & Local Contrast new new new
Color stamps and marks filtering + new new
Performance Improvements / Shortened Development Curve
Predefined processing profiles + + new
32-bit support + available** available**
Native 64-bit support new new new
Java Wrapper new new -
Scanning API* + - -
Scanning API improvements new - -
Opening images from memory + new* new*
Built-in multi CPU-Core recognition new new -
Batch Processor + new -
Improved font management API new new new
Adaptive Document Recognition Technology , incl. API + new new
RPM software package n.a. new n.a.
PDF Export Improvements
PDF export profiles + + new
Faster PDF Export new new new
(visual quality, smaller files)
+ + new
Improved PDF MRC new new new
Color stamps and written notes separation in PDF MRC new new new
Export to PDF/A-1 + + new
Export to PDF/A-2 new new new
Export to PDF/A-3 new new new
Keeping existing bookmarks in PDF new new -
PDF text layer detection and skip OCR for PDF re-export new new -
Ability to specify resolution for rasterization during PDF opening new new -
Other Export Improvements
Extended ABBYY XML (paragraph styles and types) new new new
New color settings for embedded pictures in
RTF, DOCX, PPTX, HTML, EPUB, and FB2 formats.
new new new
Direct export to memory new new* new*
Export to XPS new - -
Excel format retention improvements new new new
Further Improvements
Added Japanese message language new new new
An ability to open the PDF, DjVu, WIC and WDP files from memory* new PDF only* -
One method for removing all blocks from layout new new new
Ability to cancel processing operation and re-start page processing with the Batch Processor new new -
FineReader Engine collections can be iterated using the foreach statement in .NET new new new
New and Updated Code Samples:
Classification, Business Card Recognition, Camera OCR, Convert a batch of documents, Scalability, Scanning
new - -
Improved Developer’s Documentation + new new
Network licensing + new -
Redundant Network License Manager new new -
Other Features
Visual Components + - -
ICR (Handprint recognition) + - -
OMR (Checkmark recognition) + - -
  • + = already available in a previous version
  • new = new in this technology release
  • * = Indicates functionality not available immediately, but planned for release in a maintenance release of FineReader Engine 11.
  • ** = but not maintained as regular as 64 Bit

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