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  • This article compares the features and differences of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine (SDK) and ABBYY FlexiCapture Server (Solution, with database & Web API). Both products can be used for high volume document processing within your own application/service or on a back-end server.
  • The comparison focuses on server based processing with both products using the “SDK API” v.s the “Web Service API of the server”.
  • FlexiCapture Engine can of course also be integrated in standalone applications, but therefore a different set of features and business scenarios should be compared.

Development & Setup

  • Users of both products, FlexiCapture Engine and FlexiCapture Server, use the same tool for developing document definitions and document templates: FlexiLayout Studio
  • The ready-to-use application FlexiCapture Server is only sold via certified, trained VARs and channel partners. The SDK FlexiCapture Engine needs further programming and is licensed as technology directly from ABBYY.
  • FlexiCapture Engine is delivered together with the software FlexiCapture Standalone, which contains the FlexiLayout Studio for template development. Developers can use the application FlexiCapture Standalone for creation and testing of templates but are not allowed to re-sell this product.
  • Training on the core FlexiLayout technology is highly recommended for FlexiCapture Engine (Training Overview)
  • ABBYY offers professional services and support to secure the success of your projects, no matter if you decide to integrate the FlexiCapture SDK or deploy the ready-to-use FlexiCapture Server.
FlexiCapture Engine FlexiCapture Server
Document Definition Development FlexiCapture Standalone &
FlexiLayout Studio are shipped
with the developer tools
Project Setup Station
FlexiLayout Studio
Integration/Coding A sophisticated API is available, the SDK is shipped with code samples on C#, C++, VB.NET, Java, C++(COM), VB6.0 Delphi 5.0 & Scripting “High Level” interaction with a job queue using Web-service API
UI Integration UI components for most common tasks are included in source code (C#): VerificationView, BatchView, DocumentView not available in FlexiCapture Server
Web and “fat” Stations available in FlexiCapture Distributed
Scalability on one machine granular control about the numbers of threads, processes and workflow; see Scalability-Sample ready to use Processing Station with multi-core support and customizable defined workflows
Network Scalability yes, Runtime Licenses allow network distribution
Volume/CPU cores can be distributed in the network
yes, Processing Stations can be distributed in the network
Database not integrated,
perfect for “no-queue” scenarios (interactive application, Web API), can be integrated with existing database and storage
database for queues and job monitoring is part of the solution; schema customization is not supported
Access to the “full-text” document analysis yes - via FineReader Engine API, included in the new ABBYY EU licensing scheme (Add on in other countries)
More details in the SDK comparison
not available
Image PreProcessing a variety of imaging tools available to control and tune the process
- Sample Image Pre-Processing
- Sample Mobile Data Capture
built in, automatically applied, not customizable

Document Processing

FlexiCapture Engine FlexiCapture Server
Scanning TWAIN support,
UI component for scanning
no scanning integration for FlexiCapture Server,
ISIS & TWAIN support in the Scanning Station, but part of FlexiCapture Distributed
Document Import Files & RAM,
others via coding,
Web-Service sample
Files, images via Web-Service calls
Fixed Form Support yes yes
FlexiLayout Support yes yes
Document Separation yes yes
Document Classification yes yes
Job Distribution custom code
multi-core / multi-threading build in
automatically between all connected
Processing Stations
Reporting not built in, custom code required statistics built in
Verification Visual Components as C# source code,
based on the internal API,
... more details
none in FC-Server,
but available in FlexiCapture Distributed
(web & “fat” stations)

FlexiLayout Technology

  • FlexiCapture Engine 11 and FlexiCapture 11 are based on the same FlexiLayout technology
  • FlexiLayout Studio (FLS) is the central application where document definitions are created
FlexiCapture Engine FlexiCapture Server
Auto Training with FLS yes yes
Simple template Creation via API yes no


FlexiCapture Engine FlexiCapture Server
Commonality The same powerful ABBYY technology inside - designed as a reliable platform!
Summary - Classification and Data Extraction SDK for ISVs and users of FineReader Engine
- Designed to be integrated “low level” in applications and processing systems that need granular control
- Scalable Server based solution with Web-Service API
perfect for projects and fast roll out
Product Brochures FlexiCapture Engine Overview
FlexiCapture Server Overview

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