Comparison Cloud OCR SDK vs. FineReader Engine SDK

The following tables list the major differences between ABBYY's Cloud OCR Service with API and a “traditional” ABBYY OCR SDK. This comparison is rather technical and compares the “service” with the “deep integration approach”.


Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
Target Audience Developers with need for OCR as a service; ISVs developing in the Cloud, Companies, Libraries Developers, ISVs, Integrators,
Scan Service Providers
Integration “High level” integration via web service;
REST web-service calls
“Low level” integration via (COM) API
File Management Upload document images to the “cloud” local processing custom made application or service
Processing “Asynchronous” out of the system
upload, process,
receive the results,
re-ocr if needed
“Synchronous” in the system
open image, processing, “on the fly” result check,
re-process right away,
Scalability Cloud based,
ABBYY's responsibility
Own IT infrastructure,
Custom upscale implementation
Hardware Microsoft data centers in Europe Own hardware or data center
Security HTTPs,
Azure infrastructure,
Azure security
Custom implementation,
own hardware
Maintenance none, just use the service custom set-up and administration


Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
OCR yes yes
Barcode Recognition (OMR) yes yes
ICR yes yes
Zonal/Field Level OCR yes yes
OCR Languages all available recognition languages
without additional costs
all standard languages
+ language add-ons
(Arabic, CJK, Hebrew, Thai…)
Historic Font OCR (Fraktur/Gothic) yes yes, when licensed for the project
Forms Matching no yes, with FlexiCapture Engine
Document Separation no yes, own code or
with FlexiCapture Engine
Fix-Form Templates or FlexiLayouts
GUI Elements none, processing only yes, available as Visual Components
Office Formats
Office Formats
Internal Engine Format
some formats offer granular export settings
Core Technology Version 11 Windows, Linux, OS X: Version 12


Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
Trial simple online subscription
not yet available in the closed beta
TSLA to be signed
Development Tools all development tools that can interact with a web-service native OS tools that can integrate programming libraries
API compact API,
suited for web-service implementation
rich (COM) API with many objects,
API gives low level access to a lot of objects settings and parameters
Object Diagram of FineReader Engine 11


Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
Setup none, ready to integrate custom application roll out
Maintenance provided by ABBYY own Admin / IT staff
Hardware Microsoft Azure Data Centers in Europe own hardware
Scalability built in, controlled by ABBYY custom code

Business Models

Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
Payments as you go
Developer & Runtime Licensing
Maintenance not needed yes
Project Licensing low volume pricing available online
Contact ABBYY for high volume production licenses or subscriptions
Cloud OCR Business & Pricing
yes, on request

Further Information

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