Comparison Cloud OCR SDK vs. FineReader Engine SDK

The following tables list the major differences between ABBYY's Cloud OCR Service with API and a “traditional” ABBYY OCR SDK ABBYY FineReader Engine.

This comparison is rather technical and compares the “service approach” with the “deep integration approach”.


Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
Target Audience Developers who need to add an OCR service to their applications,
ISVs developing in the Cloud
Enterprise companies
Scan Service Providers
Integration “High level” integration via web service;
REST web-service calls
“Low level” integration via (COM) API
File Management Uploading document images into the “cloud” Local processing of files by the custom-made application or service
Processing “Asynchronous” (out of the system)
upload, process,
receive the results,
re-ocr if needed
“Synchronous” (in the system)
open image, processing, “on the fly” result check,
re-process right away,
Scalability Cloud based,
ABBYY's responsibility
Own IT infrastructure,
Custom upscale implementation
Hardware Microsoft data centers within the European Union and the United States of America Own hardware or data center
Security HTTPs,
Azure infrastructure,
Azure security
Custom implementation,
own hardware
Maintenance No own maintenance by the developer. Regular updates conducted by ABBYY after pre-announcement Regular updates and maintenance releases by the developer, custom set-up and administration


Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine 12
Image & PDF import yes yes
Office formats import no yes
OCR yes yes
OBR (Barcode recognition) yes yes
ICR yes yes
OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) yes yes
Zonal/Field Level Recognition yes yes
Business Card Recognition yes yes
MRZ Recognition yes yes
Receipt Recognition yes no ready-made functionality, only support of 'Receipt' text type. It allows processing of receipts, which can be subsequentially parsed to extract specif data.
AI-based Document Classification no yes
OCR Languages all available recognition languages
without additional costs
all standard languages
+ several language add-ons
(Arabic, CJK, Hebrew, Thai…)
User patterns and custom dictionary integration no yes
Historic Font OCR (Fraktur/Gothic) yes yes, when licensed for the project
Processing profiles fine-tuned for a specific scenario - documentConversion
- documentArchiving
- textExtraction
- barcodeRecognition
Processing profiles available in 2 modes: accuracy and speed:
- DocumentConversion
- DocumentArchiving
- BookArchiving
- TextExtraction
- BarcodeRecognition
- FieldLevelRecognition
- HighCompressedImageOnlyPdf
- BusinessCardsProcessing
- MachineReadableZone
- EngineeringDrawingsProcessing
- Default
Recognition Modes for accuracy and speed fine-tuning 3 recognition modes: Normal, Balanced and Fast
Document Separation no custom implementation required
GUI Elements none, processing only yes, available as Visual Components
Office Formats
Office Formats
Internal Engine Format
some formats offer granular export settings
Core Technology Version 12 Windows, Linux, OS X: Version 12


Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
Trial No trial needed - Online subscription to the OCR service for free Trial Software License Agreement can be signed online
Development Tools All development tools that can interact with a web-service Native OS tools that can integrate programming libraries
API Compact API,
suited for web-service implementation
Rich (COM) API with many objects,
API gives low level access to a lot of objects settings and parameters
Object Diagram of FineReader Engine 11

Operation / Production

Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
Setup No own setup necessary, ready to integrate Own application rollout
Maintenance Regular updates provided by ABBYY - customer informed Regular implementation of new releases by own Admin / IT staff
Hardware Microsoft Azure Data Processing Centers in the European Union and the USA own hardware
Scalability Built-in scalability, controlled & maintained by ABBYY Custom code - provided by the developer

Business Models

Cloud OCR SDK FineReader Engine
Payments Payments for the OCR Service are based on number of processed pages Developer & Runtime Licensing
Payment for Software Maintenance No extra payment - the OCR service is maintained by ABBYY on regular base Extra charge for Software Maintenance allows access to the latest software version and technical support.
Project Licensing Low to mid-size page volumes can be purchased online.
Contact ABBYY directly for high volume pages
Cloud OCR Business & Pricing
Contact ABBYY to receive a pricing proposal

Further Information

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