Trial Software License Agreement

  • ABBYY provides interested developers a full featured SDK with a time and volume restriction. So it is possible to evaluate all given options of the SDKs.
  • Before the the trial serial number and the download login is send out, the company/developer has to sign a Trial Software License Agreement (TSLA)
  • The TSLA contains for example:
    • Definitions,
    • Trial SDK usage terms
    • Developer's obligations
    • Confidentially terms
    • Legal terms
    • Signatures of ABBYY and the Company/Developer

Additionally some questions about the planed usage and technical requirements of the ABBYY SDKs within the project and application are asked, for example:

  • Operating Systems required
  • Application types
  • Application architecture
  • Import/Export formats
  • etc.

How to get the TSLA?

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