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SDK Trial Licences


  • For evaluation purposes ABBYY offers free fully functional Trial Licences of all currently available SDK versions.
  • Trial Licences are limited in
    • time: 60 days
    • number of pages: 10.000
  • ABBYY provides basic support during the evaluation period, allowing interested developers to test the SDKs in real working conditions.

How to get an SDK Trial

To obtain a Trial Licence, we recommend to use the request forms on

You will be contacted by an ABBYY employee (or a SDK distribution partner)

The next steps will be:

  1. Sign the provided Trial Software Licence Agreement (TSLA)
    (online or as PDF, depending where are you located)
  2. Once the filled TSLA is submitted and approved you will receive
    • a licence key and
    • a access to a download page

Once you received your Trial Licence key and downloaded the SDK you can:

  1. Download and install the SDK
  2. Activate your licence (when needed)
  3. Start evaluation & development - do not forget to evaluate the Code Samples

How to test Cloud OCR or CLI Linux

  • Visit the Cloud OCR SDK site
    • sign up for a free developer account and start testing right away
  • Got to
    • fill out the form and you will get your free trial right away

How to start with the SDK

  • All SDKs come with complete documentation
    • as CHM-help file or HTML-Help
    • For most SDKs there is also a printable PDF available.
  • There are code samples for different programming environments
  • FineReader Engine & FlexiCapture Engine (Win) contain pre-compiled code-samples so it is very easy to test some features without coding. Since the source is also included developers can re-use the code.
  • For Mobile OCR Engine ABBYY offers a special Test Shell running on Windows

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