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Business with ABBYY SDKs

  • ABBYY creates intelligent technologies ranging from document recognition and data capture to innovative language-based solutions.
    The core technologies are continuously improved by extensive scientific research.
  • Over 1000 companies in 150+ countries consider ABBYY a trusted partner, including global leaders like Fujitsu, Sharp, Panasonic, Ricoh, Microsoft, Samsung, Kofax, Xerox and many others.
  • You can easily leverage ABBYY's technology innovation to boost your applications and IT systems.
  • ABBYY is also looking forward to working with you to improve our products and technologies so that they perfectly fit your needs.

Become a ABBYY Technology Partner

Why use ABBYY recognition and conversion technology?

  • Multi-Language Support: (Over 200 recognition languages are supported by ABBYY OCR Technologies, so with “ABBYY inside” your software is ready for worldwide usage.
  • One Technology Stack: ABBYY's recognition technologies are available for:
    • Mobile
    • Embedded
    • Desktop/Network
    • Server-based processing
    • Cloud
    • → So working with technologies from only one vendor dramatically reduces the integration and business pains.

Further Info

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