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Services & Consulting

  • ABBYY is providing extended support and consulting services!
  • You can leverage ABBYY expertise to
    • lower costs and risk,
    • ensure optimal performance and business agility,
    • create greater customer value and new business opportunities.

ABBYY Professional Services

ABBYY can support its customers with Professional Services if needed.

Partners should consider leveraging ABBYY resources in case of

  • First-time projects with newly certified partners
  • Complex projects, which require subject matter experts
  • Time-to-market pressures
  • Manage (=reduce) project risk

Leverage ABBYY Professional Services knowledge to get quick access to projects.

Some examples, where ABBYY can support you:

  • End-user requirements capturing
  • Architecture design for the OCR and conversion components
  • Best practices for implementation
  • FlexiLayout project development
  • Code review

If you think ABBYY's Professional Services would support your project, please contact your ABBYY sales representative and discuss your requirements to get a service quote.

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