Runtime Licences

ABBYY FineReader Engine, FlexiCapture Engine, Morphological and Lexical Analyzer Runtime Licences – Licences have to be purchased for deploying your applications. They are needed for each project or installation.

  • Runtime Licences are only sold to developers who integrated ABBYY technologies via an SDK into own applications.
  • Developers have to order “Runtimes” when they sell own applications and installations with ABBYY inside

Runtime License fees are based on one-time single payments at the time of license purchase with no monthly fees. Additional service and support is available through Software Maintenance which is purchased and invoiced on an annual basis.

Technically Runtime licenses are “linked” to “your” Developer licenses - so you are protected that “your” distributed and installed applications with “ABBYY inside” can be abused by any other developer. The ABBYY technology inside your solution will only work when it was compiled with one of “your” developer licenses.

OCR Capture SDK Runtimes

Renewable Volume Runtime Licenses

Volume pricing is based on the quantity of pages that can be processed in a certain time period. The renewable period can be a day, a month or a year. Volume licenses have no CPU core limitation. This network licensing allows the dynamic sharing of the licensed volume between multiple network computers, network license manager required.

CPU Core Runtime Licenses

CPU core pricing is based on the quantity of CPU cores that can be used for processing. These licenses have no page limitation. CPU core licenses are available for 1 machine or they can be distributed over the network.

Project-Based Runtime Licenses

The project pricing scheme allows processing of a defined volume. Efficiency is guaranteed, because an unlimited number of multi-core machines can be used without additional costs.

Example FineReader Engine 11

License Shipment

Runtime Licenses can be provided as

  • Software License Keys - they require an activation via http or email
  • Hardware Dongles - the license can be used where the dongle is plugged in - also one Network License Manager can provide licences in a LAN.

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