OEM Licensing

FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine
10, 11, 12
Business with ABBYY SDKs
  • ABBYY also offers a special licensing scheme for OEM Partners.
  • There are 2 options:
    • Pre-generated Licences (activation needed)
    • Open Licences (no activation needed)

Predefined Licences

  • ABBYY and the OEM Partner define the most common license types
  • The Partner is able to request these licences form a special “virtual warehouse” 1)
  • Requirements
    • medium to large quantity of licences required
  • Benefits
    • Needed licences available at any time
    • No manual order processing needed
    • Invoicing is semi-automated
  • Technical Rollout
    • The partner works with these licences as with “normal” Runtimes.
    • Activation can be made vial the ABBYY License Manager or “silent” via command line.

Open Licences & Reporting

  • ABBYY and the OEM Partner agree the defined feature set of a license type
  • The Partner gets an “open” license, they do not have to be activated within the final application.
  • Requirements
    • Minimum payment
    • Reporting Process to be set up
    • OEM Agreement needed
    • Pricing aligned to the partners business model
  • Benefits
    • High flexibility on the partner side
  • Technical Rollout
    • The partner gets a special license file that has to be distributed with the final application
    • This license key is tied to a developer serial number, so that only applications compiled with this developer tool-kit can be used
    • The end customers just can work without any ABBYY activation

Other Licensing Options

1) currently Europe only
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