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Software Maintenance for ABBYY SDKs

Why Software Maintenance?

illustration for maintenance with business buzzwords

  • Software is complex!
  • IT Systems are complex!
  • Software is continuously improved and fixed!
    • This is true for operating systems, ABBYY SDKs and (probably) your applications
    • Software vendors, developers and customers (especially in enterprise environments) are aware of this situation
  • Companies are willing to secure their investment to get reliable and stable production systems (this is true for ISVs and their end customers)

What you will get

  • Developers
    • Get access and qualified help from ABBYY Tech-Support
    • Get coding or customer questions processed faster
  • Your Developers and Product Management
    • Access to the latest Maintenance Releases
    • Can ensure the up to date technology in your services and applications
  • Developers, Product Management & Customers
    • Get access to Access to the new major versions (V11 → V12)
    • Secured investment, new features can be integrated
    • Known costs can be included in your maintenance
    • Your application and your customers will profit form the enhancement


  • FineReader Engine 11 Windows was released October 2013. So far five maintenance releases were provided.
  • New Features added in V11 so far:
    • Full version of Java wrapper
    • PDF inject text layer
    • Support for embedded files in PDF
    • Recognition Improvements:
      • Detection of vertical text,
      • enhanced multi-language OCR
    • Enhanced Classification API
    • Parallel Export of PDFs
    • Export to memory
    • Redundant Network License Manager

Software Maintenance and Support

The ABBYY Maintenance Agreement includes

  • Basic Technical Support
  • Software Updates and
  • Software Upgrades
  1. The term is 12 months starting from the date of invoicing
  2. The annual cost for one term is percentage of purchase price (including Add-ons) 1)
  3. Maintenance will be renewed for a period of 12 months without any further declaration if,
    • the Licensee does not cancel Maintenance within 45 days before the maintenance period terminates.
    • Cancelation must be declared in written form.
  4. If during the term a license will be upgraded (Add-on Module or PageCount), the maintenance cost will be calculated and processed as subsequent:
    • calculation and invoicing of maintenance for license including new attributes according to
    • issuing of a credit note based on the residual term of the original license
  5. ABBYY will provide these services to Licensee’s specialists based on time zone GMT +1:00 hour between (8:30-12:30 14:00-17:00) via telephone or e-mail (except on weekends and on German Bavarian public holidays). Support will be available in English and German language
  6. ABBYY agrees to make every effort to remedy any error reported to it if such errors are the responsibility of ABBYY.
  7. If corrected versions of ABBYY Software are needed to correct the error then that version shall be delivered electronically (via FTP).
  8. Any supplemental software code provided to Licensee as part of ABBYY support efforts shall be considered part of ABBYY Software and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

All ABBYY SDK customers have a written & signed contract, where all the details can be found.

Further Information

1) Please contact your ABBYY Regional Office for details
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