SDK Licensing Policy

ABBYY SDKs are sold via a flexible, modular licensing policy that allows developers to select the best combination of tools and pricing options for their project.

  • Trial licences provide rights to test the full functionality of an ABBYY SDK for 60 days
  • Developer licences provide rights to develop and test applications based on ABBYY technology offered in the specific SDK
  • Runtime licences grant rights to distribute own applications with ABBYY SDK functions incorporated
  • All these licences are available as standalone licences or network licences.

Licensing Types

For the the “big” toolkits FineReader Engine and FlexiCapture Engine the licenses are provided in different “flavors”

Software Licence Keys

  • Licence Keys need to be activated before they can be used
  • The number of activations is limited to one (as a general rule)
  • Software licences have to be deactivated before they can be transferred to another installation.
    Note: the number of transfers is limited, for multi-machine installations ABBYY offers Network licences
  • It is highly recommended to have a valid Software Maintenance contract. Only when a Software Maintenance contract is in place ABBYY will provide support or re-activation of a licence for example after the system's crash.

Hardware License Dongles

  • Hardware licenses are pre-activated and can be used on all the machines where they are plugged in.
  • It is easy to transfer the license to another computer or VM instance
  • Hardware licenses are slightly more expensive, because of the dongle itself, but they should be preferred when
    • licenses should often be moved to different machines
    • when the license are used for (onetime) projects where the developer and customer decide not to have maintenance.
  • ABBYY SDKs support two different hardware dongle vendors
    • Version 7 - 11: Safenet iKey 1000 (previously Rainbow)
      • Important: This dongle type is still supported and available, but the protection technology reached “end of life”. From 2015 on all new released ABBYY SDKs will be shipped with a new dongle type.
    • New: FineReader Engine 11 (Win) Release 3: Wibu-Systems CmStick

Licensing Policies

Different ABBYY SDKs have slightly different licensing implementation.

Support, Professional Service and Upgrade Assurance

  • ABBYY offers additional support, training, and certification programs on all products.
  • If you need to speed up your project, contact ABBYY for Professional Services.
  • Upgrade Assurance guarantees that you always have access to the latest technologies. Learn more about Maintenance and Support

Pricing Examples

Other Licensing Options

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