Developer Licenses

When ABBYY technology offered via a development toolkit needs integrating with your own applications and services, then a “Developer License” is required. These licenses provide access to all built-in APIs and features.

Developer License fees are based on one-time single payments at the time of license purchase with no monthly fees. Additional service and support is available through Software Maintenance which is purchased and invoiced on an annual basis.

Developer Licenses for FineReader Engine and FlexiCapture Engine are sold as a Developer License Kit bundle1) which includes:

  • Access to ALL ABBYY SDK functionality, details can be found in the functionality overview of the different SDKs
  • Developer License of FineReader Engine / FlexiCapture Engine, with a capacity of 10.000 pages per month.
  • Choice of standalone or network concurrent licences

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1) Please contact your ABBYY Regional Office for details
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