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Business Development

Business development is most of the time about expanding existing business to

  • new segments
  • new use cases and
  • new customer segments.

If “simple” products should be pushed to a new market, it is often enough to invest heavily in marketing, promotion campaigns and advertisement. But when complex technologies have to be developed, then the “mass approach” can only work if the problem is already solved and entirely turned into a working product.
The goal of ABBYY's business development activities is to deliver working technologies. To be able to full-fill this ABBYY is looking for partners:

  • Who want to bring their products, services and solutions to a new level.
  • Who wish to use the “new cool stuff, but are aware that
    • development is still not final
    • they have to manage their expectations
    • that they have to contribute to the innovation process
  • Who are aware that both partners have to make an investment.

Enhancing OCR

  • OCR technology seems to be an area within IT that is “solved” and will not further developed.
    • This is not the case for ABBYY technologies. ;-)
  • ABBYY is continuously improving the core OCR technology to be able to enter and open new segments and use cases for text recognition. But before the new features are rolled out in the official products, ABBYY has to develop them to a level, so that is is available in production quality and delivers the results that satisfy the expectations.
  • When leaving the traditional “scan a paper paper document and convert them to text or a searchable PDF”, new technical challenges and problem have to be solved. Different document types introduce new issues in the text recognition process for example when exchanging the scanner with a mobile device.


  • Filtered guilloche background Passports or ID Cards always have colour objects in the background. Since an OCR engine internally works on binary image to recognize the characters, these “noisy” elements decrease the recognition quality. Removing the guilloche background of an ID card will deliver text that is better separated and so better to OCR.
  • Document types like receipts come with a different layout, document structure and also the fonts/print types are different from regular business documents. So to get the best OCR results to do some business analytics on top, improvements have to be made in various core technology areas.

Expanding your Business

ABBYY's business developers are introducing new technologies to innovative companies.

  • To be able to enter new markets ABBYY is closely working with selected companies and organizations that are moving in the same direction. Collaboration creates a win-win situation for both parties.
    • The companies who collaborate with ABBYY will get very early access to new technologies
    • So they can bring new, advanced products to (often) new areas.
    • ABBYY will be able to deliver new products and technologies that support real, innovative market demands.

Current Cooperation Projects

  • … more to come
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